San Buenaventura State Beach

This beach in Ventura is typically very sandy, in this picture we can see how the summer waves have pushed up the sand to shore. While walking around this area I noticed that there are very small bunches of rocks around. The animals use the rocks to cover their food or to hide under them. The sand is being manage by the groins along the beach which stops the sand from moving south too much. The groins are very important to this area because a mile from where this picture was taken the Ventura pier is located.

This area is heavily visited by pedestrians and cars, there is a freeway adjacent to the beach which brings a lot of tourism. Having the freeway can be an advantage, but it is very closed to the coast. This can possibly prevent the right sediments to make it to the ocean, it can also impact the sediments because of oils and liquids from the vehicles; impacting the lives of the animals living along the coastline. This can impact the fishing and many other things that brings the economy of the area up or down. Along this area, I wasn’t able to see many people fishing, but when I walked to the pier a lot of fisherman are located just at the end of the pier. Some might do it for a hobby but other people living in this part of the coast do it for a living. Having the right sediments means having a lot of living organism and fish are a big part of this.

Although this beach seems to be very well managed, during the coastal clean-up, a lot of volunteers were able to pick up a lot of trash hidden under plants, rocks, and even under sand. The community really seemed to come together to help this beach. The locals use this place to go on runs, walks, bike rides, and surf; which makes this beach very important for the community.

I would love to go back during the winter to see if there is any difference on the waves and the amount of sand on the beach.

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