San Francisco Coast

Over the weekend, I visited the beautiful city of San Francisco. My best friend lives there and I decided to drive up and spend a few nights at her apartment in the city. I am always blown away by how beautiful San Francisco is there coast is super beautiful. I loved watching the waves come up on the coast and the views there are amazing. The coastline up there is a bit different than the southern California coast as I feel it’s a bit less manufactured than the ones down here. I think the differences have been so artificially created to the point where beaches have different meanings. There aren’t really any beaches in San Francisco, the city is mostly just surrounded by coastline with rocks and little beach. I like to see the natural side of San Francisco, as it seems they haven’t been artificially creating beaches up there. Nevertheless, the view is still amazing and it makes me happy to know that San Francisco has a lot of environmentalists in their town.

While there, we took a hike to this view and I noticed how crisp the air is. The ocean is something that most people take advantage of and don’t notice how much it provides. Air, views, and the most natural and beautiful coastlines in California. Whenever I’m there, I appreciate the crisp air and take in the views. The Golden Gate Bridge acts as a landmark for the city and something that connects California through and through. Due to the fact that San Francisco has little manufactured beaches it makes me thing of what the Southern California beaches would look like if so much sand wasn’t added to them. It makes me wonder if they’d look more like San Francisco beaches. Point Reyes and Half Moon are both amazing destinations to checkout if you haven’t already.

I’m so glad I decided to drive up the coast to visit, and it’s a place I’d love to visit more often when I have the chance. If you haven’t had the chance to cruise around San Francisco, it’s a beautiful artsy place.