Santa Rosa Island

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to visit Santa Rosa Island with a class here on campus. We stayed the weekend at the Channel Islands Research Station and spent time hiking and volunteering for restoration projects around the island.

On the boat ride to the island we saw a ton of dolphin and sea lions swimming around the boat. The captain was talking to us about how the formation and history of the multiple islands and the variation in depth of the sea floor because of the tectonic plate boundaries.

The water on the shore of Santa Rosa was the most clear a lot of people had seen it in a long time. This being my first time there I thought it was pretty normal, but a lot of students and faculty who had been there before said the water was much more clear this time, most likely due to the fact that the weather was perfect that weekend!

This island has such unique wildlife, I was really glad I got the chance to go see it. The rocks that were able to be seen from the shore were absolutely breathtaking. I could not get over how distinct every layer of sediment was and how beautifully it has formed over the years.  And the fox on the island really are as cute and adorable as everyone says! The tide pools were awesome with a ton of bones and shells to find.  The san was really soft and completely different than what we have on most of the California coast.

This place truly was a beautiful island to experience and I recommend it to anyone who gets the chance to visit.

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  1. Gabe Madrid says:

    Your blog intrigued me to go on a boat ride to Santa Rosa Island myself. I too hope that if I go on the trip that I come across dolphins or sea lions swinning. I would also love to check out the crystal clear water!

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