Santa Rosa Island

Two weekends ago, I went on my first trip to Santa Rosa Island with my GIS class. Although we went to learn about mapping etc., I came out of the trip with a different perspective of the beach. I can’t remember the last time I went a few days without my phone or communication with people on the mainland. Although it did make me somewhat anxious, disconnecting from reality was much needed. The lens that I will be using today is the spiritual lens.

For starters, whenever we had free time I made my way down to the beach. With no phone, all I could really do was take in the view and the beauty. At that point I was grateful that I didn’t have a phone to distract me from the beauty of the beach. As I sat on the beach, I realized how lucky I was to even be on an island with such beautiful waters. The reason I chose a spiritual lens was because as I sat on the beach I began to think very deeply. It made me think about all the things that matter in life are not material or physical things. Living in a society where owning expensive shoes, cars, clothes, etc. defines “success”, I began to think about what I believe really mattered. Getting to know new places, meeting new people, and inner peace is what I felt really mattered. It overall made me appreciate sitting on a beach with so much history.

The reason I say history, is because of the structure of the beach. In Dr. Kiki Patsch’s Physical Oceanography class, i learned that throughout the years, sea floors rise creating a new sort of shelf. It was my first time actually noticing that natural process. It was apparent that the shelf was sea floor before because of how fragile it looked. As I took this into consideration, I thought about how I was literally sitting on a mini time capsule. I was sitting on a beach with so much history behind it and this made me realize that ALL beaches have an insane amount of history to them. This beach trip alone allowed me to appreciate the beach because of the sense of peace and gratefulness I got as I was there. (unfortunately, my phone was low on storage so I wasn’t able to save my pictures I took on the actual beach, but this is me on a hike with the ocean view in the back.)

9 thoughts on “Santa Rosa Island

  1. Harris says:

    It sounds like you had a really amazing time on the island! I’m currently on my way to my first trip on SRI and I have a very similar anxious feeling but your post made me feel better. I liked how you drew attention to attention to the very tangible history of this island and I’m really interested to see what a place so unaffected by man looks like. As students we are so lucky to have this unique resource and I am glad that I get to experience myself this weekend.

  2. Dominguez says:

    I’m glad you had the opportunity to get away from all the stress and overwhelming metropolitan world that comes with living in California. I have heard so many positive outcomes from everyone who gets the opportunity to disconnect by going to the Santa Rosa Island. One chance I hope to take in the near future!

  3. Bell says:

    Wow! What an amazing place to visit. Ive only been once myself, but it was definitely an experience I’ll never forget. The history and all around beauty of the islands are truly breathtaking. Hope to visit again. Great post!

  4. Sorenson says:

    This seems like an amazing trip! I plan on going out there sometime soon. I find that staying in places like this really humble you. It makes you think about what you have not what you need. Im glad your experience was so practical and hope to make it out there sometime.

  5. rwilliams says:

    I completely agree with you. Disconnecting with our phones can be difficult but it is necessary. We get too dependent on them and our faces are always looking down at a screen. Most kids these days don’t enjoy the outdoors and don’t even play outside, in today’s society they sit in front of their iPads or video games inside. It is really sad, so I hope that schools will teach children the importance of appreciating the environment and understanding how vital it is. I am glad you got the experience to go out to the Island. I’ve been there three times and will be going again in November.

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