Santa Rosa Island- Sunset Hike

This is the amazing view only experienced from Lobo Canyon during the sunset. Starting on the 7th, after our traditional hike to Cherry Canyon we snuck out early and went up to Lobo to be able to try to get a glimpse of this.  It’s an amazing view showcasing the pristine beauty of marine protected areas. Marine Protected means that the island and water approximately I think maybe 6 nautical miles or so off its coast are protected. Allowing for people lucky enough to enter to view not only a great view of the mainland where cities like LA show up like a mini sunrise across the river of stars that can be found in landscapes untouched by a lot of electrical development. The island would actually be really good for the emotional lens, as you do have the island foxes that I was only lucky to see three times around Lobo Canyon. The environment retains a bit of a rustic feel as you can still see the old remnants of the bygone era, where Ranchers once roamed the island with their sheep and cows, it even has two horses. Let’s not forget about the physical beauty of such a place like the iconic Torrey Pines which are one of the few places to find such a tree. And when you go through places like Lobo Canyon or straight to Skunks point it’s almost like your own personal beach. To make things even cooler at the end of the beach at the pier are actual rock tides. Full of animals like starfish, and some sort of marine snail.  It was actually pretty surreal as we started really early so the stars were still shining and as Dawn broke out and light returned you could actually better notice the clouds as they raced past you. Situated in some prairie we found on the hill we waited for the sun to peak it’s head between the crest of the mountains protruding from Santa Cruz Island. The Body of water in front is interestingly called Bechers Bay, an amazing view and something I really recommend if you find yourself on the island. 

Evening Photo On Trail to Lobo Canyon
Here’s a more zoomed in photo of the one above

8 thoughts on “Santa Rosa Island- Sunset Hike

  1. bianca.decuir247 says:

    Wow, thank you for this! I remember when I went to Santa Rosa Island I did a morning hike as well and got to experience dawn while hiking along the beach. I love the photos you attached too! It feels other worldly and extremely breath taking.

  2. miranda.hansen626 says:

    Hi Nathaniel.I really enjoyed reading your post about the island. I think your description of the island does a good job of painting a picture of what the island is like when you visit. Using the word “rustic” does a good job of painting that old timey environment in my head. I also enjoyed your pictures. What time were all 3 of your pictures taken?

  3. eric.joensuu355 says:

    I just spent the weekend out on Santa Rosa, your description of being able to see a river of stars is spot on! Those photos you got from Lobo Canyon are incredible, it’s funny how much a picture can change depending on where you take it from. I didn’t get a chance to visit Skunk point when I went, how would you compare it to Becher’s Bay?

    • nathaniel.glenn492 says:

      I’m glad I could get the description right. It’s hard to get such amazing things into words. As for how Skunk Point compares to Becher’s Bay, I think it truly depends. In terms of an actual beach, I would have to choose Skunk Point as it has a really cool intertidal zone near the end which has the isopods Professor Steele talked about and it even has some starfish. For Becher’s Bay I think is more aesthetically pleasing, especially at 9, with Santa Cruz Straight ahead is just amazing.

  4. mikayla.mcculloh510 says:

    Beautiful pictures. Santa Rosa at dawn is truly unforgettable. Did you get to see any of the critters in the tidepools? When I visited, I never saw any starfish, but I saw a ton of hermit crabs.

    • nathaniel.glenn492 says:

      Hi Mikayla, thank you so much I’m glad they were good. I only saw things like starfish, when I went to Santa Rosa last time for my ESRM 200 class, last semester.

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