Silver Strand Beach

Silver Strand Beach is probably one of the most popular beaches in Oxnard. Silver Strand is known for its surf, fishing, kayaking, and a long stretch of white sand perfect for long walks. It is a favorite for locals as well as tourists. Silver Strand lies between the mouth of the Channel Islands Harbor on the north, and the Port of Hueneme on the south. The beach is surrounded by the harbor and Naval base separating it from the city of Oxnard. Silver Strand Beach is also home to the Oxnard Base of the United States Coast Guard.  


The atmosphere is laid back, family friendly, and dogs allowed. I do enjoy myself at Silver Strand, however my favorite time to go is during the Winter. I enjoy watching surfers surf big waves and the beach itself is a lot less crowded. During the summer if you plan on visiting, prepare to get there early just to find a comfortable spot. The beach fills up quickly and parking can also be a nightmare. Despite the the crowds, this beach offers many activities which is why its so popular. Surfing is good year round, however it is the best from Summer into Winter, kayaking year round, fishing is best from Spring through the middle of Fall, relaxing on the beach is best Summer, Spring, and Fall, the winters tend to get more cold. but we do live in Southern California so its definitely possible to have a pretty beach day in the winter.  Kayaking and paddle boarding are so popular here because Silver Stand is so close to the Channel Islands Harbor. You can start in the harbor and make your way to Silver Strand, or start at Silver Strand and go through the Channel Islands Harbor. In and around the harbor there is a lot of marine life, you can see dolphins, sea lions, and harbor seals. There are also local attractions such as restaurants, a museum, and shops along the harbor that are easily accessible. Because Silver Strand is located near the Base and the Port of Hueneme, it is likely when you go to visit you will get to see some impressive cargo ships coming and and taking off from the port. Overall Silver Strand is a great beach to visit if you want to enjoy water sports, activities, or just relax in a beautiful and comfortable environment.

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  1. Dominguez says:


    I had no idea this beach existed in Oxnard and this is my fourth year attending CSUCI. I have been to the Oxnard port as well as the Hollywood beach located in Oxnard, so maybe I noticed it but never actually paid attention to the name of the beach. I am glad that there are recreational activities that support tourism on the beach. Thank you for the formal and detailed post about Silver Strand Beach in Oxnard.

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