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My latest trip to our coastline was mid-October during a week long spectacle of sunsets. Because of the incredible sunsets of that particular week I dedicated an afternoon  to hangout at a local beach. Silver Strand is definitely one of my favorite beaches around here due to its close proximity to my house and relatively low numbers of foot traffic. I could be wrong but I also get a local vibe hanging out on Silver Strand because many of the encounters happen to be with locals who live within the community.

With this in mind, i’d like to view this post through an socio-economic and environmental lens. The social processes of Ventura county have driven the county to invest in our beaches especially those near the Ventura Promenade which sees an incredible amount of tourism, this is seen in many areas throughout southern California. Tourism offers a considerable amount of revenue to the county especially in summer months so maintaining & protecting our beaches is an upmost concern.  This is all for good reason, our coastline is beautiful and a desirable location to live that generates millions of dollars. When visiting beach communities such as I cant help but picture myself living in one of those houses along the beach soaking in the sun and enjoying life. But as fast as i loose myself in a daydream such s that i quickly fall back into the realization of the destructive nature of coastline infrastructure.

Beach communities are great, however they have essentially created an enclave of considerably wealthy dwellers nestled on a strip of land just meters above the median high tide. Now this particular community does not bare the visual threats of coastal erosion that you see on the Malibu coast such as whats happening on broad beach. But I cant shake the fact that this may soon be a real threat to the community of silver strand as sea level rise continues, not mention the lost of natural coastal armoring at the dune level due to coastal development in the first place or the loss of sediment transfer because of the harbor just north of The Strand.

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  1. Cornelson says:

    I recently lived in Silver Strand for a year and I would agree with what you are saying. The locals there are very prominent and it has a friendly local beach vibe. In the summertime, you can see the difference in tourism as the roads get packed and the little shops and restaurants get packed. Also the beach has some of the best sunsets off the islands that I have ever seen.

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