Silver Strand Beach Cleanup!

I decided to attend Silver Strand beach in Oxnard, CA for Ventura coastal cleanup day! Overall, it was a fun, and rewarding experience. I made some new friends, and got to chat with some very friendly people. When I arrived I was given a checklist and bag for the trash I would collect. I would go on to collect about 3 pounds of trash in that bag!

I am going to be writing this blog in the lens of a beach fisher, as fishing is one of my favorite hobbies. After collecting my necessities for the cleanup, I decided that my area of focus would be the jetty. As I headed towards that direction I can already see the early morning fishers up on the rocks. When I reached the jetty, I was instantly faced with the challenge of retrieving a broken glass beer bottle from inside a small cove, bordered by spider webs. I was determined to make a difference so I grabbed the bottle and tossed it in my bag. I continued to clean the jetty, maneuvering around the fishers as I was cleaning trash. I was finding mostly cigarette butts, beer bottles, cans, and bottle caps, and food wrappers. After cleaning for about twenty minutes on the jetty, I was starting to think to myself, “Is this is the stigma that is placed on fisherman?” If so, then that makes me sad because I love to fish! It is just a shame that other fishers can ruin the reputation of the people that actually care about this planet. As an avid fisher, I understand that it is my duty to completely pick up after myself after I am done fishing, and I have been practicing this ever since I started as a kid. I try to instill it upon others the best I can, but at the end of the day, it is up to the individual to make the extra effort to clean up after themselves.

I cleaned the jetty to the best of my ability, then moved my way down the shoreline searching for small pieces of plastic, finding many along the way! the farther and farther I proceeded down the beach, the less trash and plastic I was seeing, and for a second I had positive thoughts about the future of our oceans.

4 thoughts on “Silver Strand Beach Cleanup!

  1. salpy.kharadjian730 says:

    Hi Jacob! I love the perspective you took with your post. It’s really cool that you were able to shine a light on the way that people litter. I’m sure it’s easy to toss a beer bottle to the side while fishing, but I don’t believe that it’s a stigma for fishers! There are way too many people who litter to be able to generalize it to a specific group of people. It’s amazing that you got to have an eye-opening journey while experiencing the beach cleanup. 🙂

  2. paulina.michel633 says:


    I think that giving a perspective of cleaning the beach near the fishermen and realizing that there is a lot trash surrounding the areas that these avid fishers are at is great. It allows for more respect to have when going to the beach, and I think that by being around the fishers with all the trash you collected may get them thinking that they too need to start picking up after themselves. I do not think this gives a stigma for fishers.

  3. bryan.ruiz708 says:

    Hi Jacob! I think it was really cool that you wrote this from the beach fisher perspective, made me think about the beach from an entirely different point of view. It’s a shame that fishers get a bad rep based on the trash found on the beaches, especially with the types of things that are found there. Looks like you spent the day proving everyone wrong and showing them that fishers do care about the environment and how are beaches are taken care of. I’ll be sure to remember what you said if I ever go fishing again!

  4. alycia.eade326 says:

    Hi there!

    I really enjoyed how you choose to write your blog post from such as unique perspective. Personally, Silver Strand Beach is my favorite and I’m so glad you took the time to remove 3 pounds of trash from it! I think it’s so important to have the type of mentality regarding picking up after yourself and being aware of your surroundings. Overall, it sounds like a good day was had. Keep up the positive vibes for our beaches!

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