Splash Zone

I decided to take a little day trip to Marina Del Rey to visit my friend who lives less than a five-minute walk to the beach! the beach next to her place is the mid-south side of Venice Beach. It was a good time to go in between the winds of windy season that we’ve been having lately. The lens I will be using is a more emotional/spiritual one because it’s a hard time of year for me.
The beach has always been an escape for me. I always find different parts of it very therapeutic for me. the sand is warm but not too hot like it is in the summertime. It felt good to feel the warmth between my toes, it has a calming effect and seems to always reduce my stress. The salty air/breeze was refreshing after breathing smoke for days from the Saddleridge fire. As the weather is starting to cool off I didn’t go in the water but walked along the shore and watching the waves flow into the shore and hearing it is like listening to one of natures lullabys. My friend and I always love to hunt for seashells and sand dollars. I can never seem to find a sand dollar, but she always finds the best ones. Its so amazing how the sea can produce little colorful treasures like seashells and sea glass.
I find the beach soothing this type of year because my dad died 2 years ago and I always look for new seashells to leave by his graveside. I always happen to pick shells with an orange tone or some bright color. Although most of the shells that day I found were white and tossed back. The beach isn’t too crowded like a normal summer day but still attracts tourists. As my friend and I walk up the beach we stopped at what google maps calls “Venice Breakwater” and watched as the waves crashed into the rocky shore. (hopefully my video uploads). we watch the waves crash a couple times and enjoy watching people run away from the splash.

These are my favorite kinds of beach days because it’s a time to enjoy the natural views this world has to offer.
Link below is the video of the waves crashing against the shore.
splash zone

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  1. krislen.santana386 says:

    Great post Sarah! Thank you for sharing your emotional/spiritual lens with us. I am glad the beach is a place you can go to relax and escape from things. I really enjoyed watching the video of the Splash Zone, that looks like an awesome place to people watch and just enjoy a day at the beach. I will defiantly have to head out there to check out that splash zone soon!

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