Surfer’s Point – Ventura, Ca

Many people’s choice of recreation at Surfers Point vary. When parking in the “paid parking” lot off Shoreline Drive, the first thing that you might notice are the vintage Volkswagen Vanagons or other custom vans personalized to their owners liking. Passing by the vans you can see that some vans are furnished with couches that fold into a bed. Some of the vans are backed into the parking spot so the rear hatch opens and faces the beach.  As you make your way to the beach you’ll have to dodge runners on their daily jogs, cyclists on their customized beach cruisers, and the occasional surrey making their way on the promenade. The most active section of the promenade is between the Ventura Pier and the estuary. In this segment of the beach you will find locals selling their works of art, others playing music, and visitors enjoying the view.



The beach can be accessed from many parts of the promenade. On the north end of the beach you will notice that the angle of the beach is steeper and that it is composed of cobble stone. If you sit on the edge of the walkway you can hear the stones tumble as the waves crash along the shore. On this part of the beach a grey seagull was spotted snacking on a fish. The camouflage of the fish and the gull kept other birds from spotting it and stealing its lunch.

Surfers, kite surfers, and paddle boarders could be found on what is known as Surfer’s Point. Just outside of the breaker zone, personal watercrafts could be seen racing off into the distance. On occasion, a PWC would get close to shore and launch off a wave. Near the estuary, people set up day tents to hangout and stay out of the sun.


The south end of the beach, closest to the pier, is composed of a finer grain of sand. On this part of the beach people laid out on the sand and some laid against the berm along the shoreline. The scene at Surfer’s Point in Ventura is a hub of countless activities that encapsulates the California vibe.

-John Luna

3 thoughts on “Surfer’s Point – Ventura, Ca

  1. Mendoza says:

    Woah! You have some pretty sick pictures here! The manner in which you described the liveliness of the beach was quite immersive. I found myself saying “oh yeah! I’ve seen that.” Very nicely worded. You have great attention to detail. I would definitely want to spend some time there.

  2. Gusmeroli says:

    Love this beach. Been here many times. It really is a wonderful place for long boarders to catch some great waves. I love all of your photography, you really did seem to capture the simplicity and beauty of this beach as a whole.

  3. Wilson says:

    My heart is with Ventura, and the love for the locals life is evident in these pictures. We’ve got a great culture and a love for our beaches, and it definitely shows in these areas of which we are most proud. 🙂

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