Sycamore Cove Beach

For this last blog post, I wanted to discuss a beach that I have visited countless times in my life and why it continues to be a favorite for recreational activities. Sycamore Cove has been the most popular location for many adventures, hikes, bonfires, and laughs with people that I love. Off of Pacific Coast Highway and to the right, there is a lovely beach and recreational area and to the left, there is a quaint campsite with various hiking trails. When I was in middle school, I was in Girl Scouts and we actually stayed overnight at the campground and woke up early to go on the beach.

I am particularly fond of the memories of having bonfires here in the summer as we would roast marshmallows, sing songs as someone was likely to bring a guitar with them, and just spend some quality time together and this beach was always the perfect location. Not only is this beach practically guaranteed to photograph well no matter the time of day, but it is also wonderful for a family day at the beach. In the summer, the parking lot is filled and families are grilling, setting up day-tents for little ones, and of course, swimming. Sycamore is an extremely family-friendly beach not only for what it supplies but for what it is naturally; I mean, it’s called a cove for a reason. The beach itself slightly concaves which makes the entirety of the beach visible. If your mother is anything like mine, she had to be able to see us kids at all times. 

I have included pictures in this post that were taken on different days at different points in the year. One during the summer and one in the winter, both at sunset (AKA the best time to go if we’re being honest). I hope that this post has inspired you to enjoy the beaches around us as some of them are pretty grand, I must say. Aside from providing lifeguard stations and public bathrooms, some beaches (or beach campgrounds) go above and beyond in providing firepits, grills, and picnic tables. I have loved Sycamore Cove for a long time and I don’t think I will ever stop.

2 thoughts on “Sycamore Cove Beach

  1. christopher.kissler598 says:

    Hi Danae,

    We really are fortunate to have such favorable beach weather nearly year-round, and your photos spanning multiple seasons show that off nicely. The natural concave shape of the beach you mention does sound very convenient for keeping an eye on any children that require adult supervision for safety around the ocean. I wasn’t quite sure where this beach was located until I noticed that Point Mugu Rock is visible in the distance in your first two photos. Two of my beach visits were also within view of that rock, so I found that pretty interesting!

    – Chris

  2. maripas.jacobo420 says:

    This is my first-time reading about Sycamore Beach. Your description and pictures of the beach are wonderful and make me want to visit the beach. It’s nice to know that there are a number of other recreational activities that I can participate in just by where the beach is located.

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