Tank Beach

It was October 18th, on a Friday afternoon. It was my 3rd day out of shoulder surgery which made me feel pretty sorry for myself. And so my best friend, Stiven offered to cheer me up by asking if I want to go to the beach and get out of the house. That was the best idea, and so I did. He drove us to this beach named Tanks, about 5 miles North from Ventura. It was a great day, the sun was shinning and the suffers where out hitting the waves. Getting out of the car was difficult, even more difficult was taking off my seat belt but with some help from Stiven I managed to get out of the car. We walked on to the beach front and the sun was just beaming hot, taking off the shoes was a most at that point. I sunk my feet in the warm sand, and turn my speaker and played Bob Marley, at the time I only had my speaker, cold water, and sunglasses, and the company of my best friend. The moment was perfect, even though I could barely move my right arm I was so grateful, and thankful to be where I was at that moment. When we are well and healthy we take for granted the small things in life such as touch, smell, being able to walk, things of that nature. So it hit me then, that yes I was unfortunate to have gone through surgery but so fortunate to be able to breath clean air, and just experience the sound of the waves crashing on the sand and all the beautiful colors the day light has to offer. Before this visit with Stiven, I had never been to this beach Tanks. Now this beach has value in my life, creating a moment that I will never forget. Each time I visit this beach I will always remember that life is great and that we should all be grateful for everything it has to offer us.

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  1. danielle.garcia001 says:

    Hi Tomas,
    I’m sorry to hear about your surgery, but I hope you’re recovering well. I’m also glad you were able to enjoy a good day at the beach with your friend. Something about the beach really does help you appreciate the little things in life, especially your health, physical or mental. I was curious though, if you knew why this beach is called Tank Beach. It seems so peaceful from the photos, so its intimidating name seems interesting.

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