The Beach as a Spiritual Place: Malibu Beach

Many people feel spiritually connected to the beach. The beach offers beautiful and dynamic scenery in a sacred place, allowing us to connect to the forbidden waters. The dynamic forces of the beach have inspired teachings in Christianity, “He will again have compassion on us; he will tread our iniquities underfoot. You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea.” (Micah 7:19) and other religions. The beach offers a perspective on our place in the world that is both humbling and terrifying. Additionally, the beach offers a place where the two elements of land and water come together in a dramatic way. Every sense is stimulated in a new way, one with ocean waves resembling heartbeats of the earth. We are reminded of our presence in something larger– a rhythm that will remain without us. By connecting to this rhythm, we are offered with an opportunity to realign with ourselves. 

California’s beaches hold a reputation of golden sands and powerful waves with an expansive sky stretching above us. September 17th I decided to reconnect with an old friend and visit the beach to watch sunset. We decided to connect with ourselves in a location that would provide us with a clear mind and decided on Malibu Beach. We picked the first beach that sparked our interest, which I believe was El Pescador State Beach. I noticed the beach was groomed of kelp racks to provide better beach access to visitors. Species like the Long-billed curlew appeared to be struggling from the missing kelp racks as kelp racks provide sanctuary for smaller infauna in the area. I feel the reputation of California beaches is to always be pristine with golden sands. However, I believe California’s beaches would be more successful without constant grooming as more species would thrive in these environments which would drive more ecotourism in the area. My friend and I came for sunset and decided on a Tarot reading to provide insight into our lives. The cards I drew all revealed growth and suggested removing old burdens. For my friend the cards revealed her inner struggle and acceptance to new ventures in life. The descending sunset served as a symbol to the end of old energies with a promise of new opportunities beyond the horizon.

The drive back on the PCH was one of celebration. I feel the beach offers a designated location to self-reflect and mentally recharge and in return is a wonderful location for self exploration that is right in our backyard! Life can be busy and I feel we often become blinded with logic and distractions, yet the beach will always ground us and humble us with our experiences that realigns us to our personal rhythms, which is what I define as spirituality.

6 thoughts on “The Beach as a Spiritual Place: Malibu Beach

  1. sarah.baron040 says:

    Beautifully written! I love watching the sunset at the beach and seeing what colors mother nature will provide at sunset on different days. Always keeping my eye out for the green flash.

  2. melvin.kim099 says:

    I enjoyed your unique perspective on this beach and the respite it provides. Do you think the native Chumash had a similar appreciation or experiences at this beach?

    • bianca.decuir247 says:

      Thanks for your comment! I do think the Chumash held a similar appreciation for our coast and beaches. I think maybe that can be why they decided to expand populations along the coast rather than move inland because of the spiritual connection to the land.

  3. amanda.medrano575 says:

    I am pleasantly surprised to see a post like this! Some days, the beach definitely has a spiritual effect for me. I have sat in the sand and contemplated many different things in my life.

  4. connor.french045 says:

    Great post! I chose to do my lens on the health and well-being / spiritual perspective also. I completely agree with the “mental recharge” that is offered by the beach.

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