Thorne-Hill Broom Beach

My Coastal Clean up day

In the middle of November I decided I better put a beach day on my calendar, time was running out and I still had to do a beach clean up and my 3rd beach blog. I decided a Wednesday I don’t have school or work. I had chosen to go to Thorne-Hill Broom beach in Malibu.

That day I got up and it was raining outside. I thought at first, maybe change to another day. But then it dawned on me wait, a day spent somewhere with not one but TWO of my favorite things, the beach and rain? I was so excited!

“Autumn precipitation on the shoreline”

“Big, puffy storm clouds”

“Once I arrived, (I have camped here before but never just stopped by) the woman at the entry station said I really wasn’t allowed to be there and not be paying to camp. I explained my student status coming to clean up the beach for my class and she said ok well then you can go ahead. So I thanked her and got to work!

I observed some trash, odds and ends, paper plates, and cups probably blown away from some campers. It was a blustery, rainy day but not pouring so it was fine. The sun tried to peak out somewhat and the glare off the water was beautiful. I noticed how the beach was looking and recalled the pictures from class of winter season shoreline and it does look quite different from the summer months. I thought about how soothing it is to be near this vast body of water, anytime really rain or shine. You just can feel your mind and body get in sync with the rhythm of the waves and the ebb and flow of the water itself. I’ve decided to continue going out and doing a beach clean up again. It felt very good to be taking care of our beach, helping the ecosystem so the inhabitants are free of anything that would harm them. If you have never gone to the beach on a rainy day, I highly recommend it, it’s beautiful.

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