Thornhill Broome Beach Camping

My Name is Kyle Cunliffe and camping is one of my favorite activities. I love the chance to “get away from it all” that camping provides. Camping is a way to really connect with the environment around you. Camping is also a chance to unplug from technology and put the demands of a busy school and work life behind me.

I chose to camp at the Thornhill Broome Campground that is located in the Point Mugu State Park. I thought it would be a chance to really feel what this section of coast line is all about. The campground has a concrete driving path, but all the campsites themselves are located on the sand.   Behind the campground is the highway that snakes around the rocky coastline. This highway does detract from the tranquil beach environment some.

One of the first things I noticed about this beach campground is the shape of the sand. I was eager to see how humans had impacted the the movement of sediment. I noticed that the driving path had been built close to the sand and that sand was blowing onto, and over the path. The sand was forming a small dune that clung to the fence dividing the campground the the highway behind it. This road structure would surely cause sand and sediment to be removed from the beach as it blow onto the roads. I was not able to move further down the beach but I would suspect that some erosion of the beach would be present due to the camp grown road.

After studying the movement of the sand I looked outward to see what animals call this campground beach home. Seagulls were found in large numbers as well as ants. I was able to go catch some sand crabs down at the waters edge. Some kelp washed up on the shore, but the real treat came in the morning when some sea otters came to play near the shore. The campground was nut full, but others took notice of the playful critters in the morning. I was sad to see how much trash was left on the beach from campers. I did my part to help pick up some of the debris left behind.

I enjoyed the chance to study this beach as well as enjoy the cool breezes, endless sky, sand between my toes.


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