Thursday Afternoon

Although I aimed to leave my comfort zone and travel to a new beach, I decided to post about the first beach to ever steal my heart. Mandalay beach park has a reputation for being the venue of special events: weddings, birthdays, commencement, baby showers and gender reveal parties. On this Thursday afternoon, it was the venue for recreational sports under the afternoon sun.

Although I’m not a scientist, I’ve always been attracted to the diversity of life on a beach. The plants growing along always catch your attention as you’re on your way to shore, and they’re all so distinct. They say all these local beaches look the same by every side has something special about them. Mandalay is distinct because of the dunes and vegetation diversity.

During this trip, a group of women were participating in a yoga class. When visiting this park, you always see the park portion jam packed with soccer, volleyball, or even badminton. The sun was just starting to set, and we decided to look for some crabs in the sand. The weather must’ve scared them away because no matter how deep the hole, or how far along down the shore, we could not find a single crab. We started to notice some birds picking at something in the sand, but we decided observe and see if they had scored anything. They didn’t.

There was a little of everything going on. The community was taking advantage of the weather and their local beach to come together, spend time with family, or spend time with the ocean. This beach has always felt like home; although I didn’t know anyone else on that beach, we were all there because we know that beach on a personal basis.
This beach is peculiar, too. It’s serene and desolate until you realize you’re in someone’s backyard…and down a couple miles there’s a visibly active power plant. The sands are wide enough to forget they’re there.
I’ll be back sooner than later, I really enjoy this beach in particular. However, I’m hoping I make the trip to see something new down the golden coast.

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