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On a nice Saturday, I decided to take a trip with my friend to Venice Beach. What a day! I had not taken a trip down to this area over the last 6-7 years. We set out with a cooler packed with some waters and not near enough snacks. I decided to look at the beach from a completely different lens than I am used to. Arriving at 11a.m. the streets were crowded and the beach boardwalk already beginning to fill up. We sat and finished our snacks while sitting outside of Jame’s Beach restaurant I remember when I was little.

There were surprisingly a good amount of people that walked in (I want to say 8 people during our 10 minute sit). This restaurant provides high quality and fairly high price food next to the beach.

We continued our economic journey to some of the most popular and crowded broadwalk restaurants and saw entire restaurants filled with people. The most impressive thing to consider was the amount of money for the privilege of beachfront coastal food. My friend and I decided to eat some street tacos being sold in the back. People watching is actually pretty fun and Venice brings every different type of person.

Although many of the popular restaurants along the beach bring in massive amounts of people, my buddy Josh and I considered the price of realistate of this prime location.

These were some of the most crowded restaurants I have seen after hanging out all day. We ate at The Sidewalk Cafe at the end of our $$ journey and asked the manager if we could take a pic of the menu. Honestly we had a lot of fun this is one of my favorite beaches.

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  1. salpy.kharadjian730 says:

    I love that you chose Venice Beach! I used to come here all the time with my friends and it’s definitely a different experience every time. I think it’s cool that you used an economic lens, since it’s a very touristy place. I remember the prices of those little shops weren’t too bad, but I’m curious to see how they are now. I haven’t been there in years either, so I’m glad you had a good day!

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