In March 2017, my girlfriend Cristy and I went on our first trip to Hawaii. I am originally from the west side of the island of Oahu, a city called Waianae. Cristy has never been to Hawaii, so I was full of excitement to introduce her to all my friends and family, and to show her all the amazing beaches. As soon as we landed, we got our rental car and zoomed to Waianae. It has been my tradition to go to a very specific beach in Waianae each time I return home: Tumbleland.

My girlfriend and I enjoying the sunshine at Tumbleland Maili, Hawaii.

Tumbleland is a beach located on the west side of Oahu. It is about a two mile long stretch of sand where families camp, fish, and overall enjoy themselves. Tumbleland got its name since everyone “tumbles” as they bodyboard there. This wave breaks on very slippery reefs during the summer months. Like most beaches in Hawaii, Tumbleland is known for its beautiful, warm waters and amazing weather. Pictured above Cristy and I got lucky to see a very green Waianae coast. Typically, the west side of Oahu is known for its dry weather, so most of the time the mountains are of a yellow tint.

I grew up exactly across the street from Tumbleland. As a child to teenager, I spent most of my childhood at Tumbleland. I would go fishing with my friends all the time. I learn how to do my favorite pastime (bodyboad) at Tumbleland. I basically lived on this beach.

Introducing my girlfriend to my grandparents.

My grandparents both passed away a few years ago, and both of their ashes was spread at the beach I hold closes to my heart. I felt a spiritual bonding moment when I introduced my girlfriend to where my grandparents ashes where spread. My grandparents never seen me with a girlfriend, so it was a very unique experience to present her to my grandparents in spirit. Randomly a bunch of flowers floated towards my feet, so I gathered a bunch and gave them to my grandparents as pictured below. It was an amazing day.

Flowers for my grandparents in heaven.

Cristy and I occasionally return back to Hawaii, and as per usual, we have to make a stop to Tumbleland. Tumbleland will always have a special place in my heart. This beach has shaped me to be the person I am today, and I am thankful to be able to call this place my home.

5 thoughts on “Tumbleland

  1. ashlee.phelps608 says:

    Arec, your post was beautiful and inspiring. I feel as if I too have an emotional connection to this beach after reading your post and cannot imagine a more beautiful place to spread your grandparents ashes. I have a friend who lives on Oahu and the next time I visit her I have to stop at this beach and find flowers to give them. Is this a beach I could type ‘Tumbleland’ into maps to find or is this a beach you have to know where it is at to find?

  2. danielle.garcia001 says:

    Hi Arec,
    This was a truly beautiful post, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences on this beach so close to your heart. Like Ashlee, next time I visit Oahu I may have to stop by and pay my respects. Though you obviously have a very personal connection to this beach, is it common for locals to spread their loved ones’ ashes at Tumbleland? Or was this something more personal to you and your family?

  3. tessa.thomas261 says:

    I love how this beach is important to you for multiple reasons. Such a beautiful beach and such beautiful words. That is a very special thing to have shared with her. I also loved hearing about the way you grew up fishing and practically living on the beaches in Hawaii sounds like one of the best ways to grow up! So jealous. Loved this post!

  4. alycia.eade326 says:

    This is such a beautiful post. How awesome that you are from Oahu! I love seeing the pictures you’ve posted. I thought it was really unique to see a reef of that color- I pictured it in my head as a kind of subdued orange or red coral. Is the reef pictured above a type of volcanic rock?

  5. bryan.ruiz708 says:

    Hi Arec! I really enjoyed your post, I could defiantly see the emotional connection you have for this beach and trough many reasons too! I really like it when people have a connection with certain places in nature because it teaches us a lot about the world and reminds us we need to protect it at all costs. I never have seen a beach like this before, what are the rockey parts on the ground? Are they just regular rocks? Either way I think it looks great, especially the pictures you took with what looks like a flower you got from the dunes there! I look forward to your future post.

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