Venice Beach

I was born and raised in Southern California, I’ve visited so many beaches but there is one that I can never get tired of. Venice Beach! From the first time my cousins took me back when I was six years old I could see that Venice was special due to the culture and all the things you can do while visiting. Growing up less than thirty minutes away meant that on the weekend I was always there with my friends. On a typical day we would bike down and follow the beach boardwalk down from one end to the other. Grabbing all the different types of food available to us. Checking out all the street performers and their unique acts. You could always find pop up stands with unique items for sale. Many of my friends were amazing skaters and you could always find them at the Venice skate park, along with many other talented skaters showing off their skills. People would crowd around to watch them. Out of all those things my favorite part about Venice beach are the walls dedicated to graffiti artists. My cousins and I would spend hours creating artistic pieces or even just watching other graffiti artists work. Even the nightlife in Venice is fun. You can visit many local bars and enjoy a nigh out. Venice beach is home to many surfers; the Venice breakwater is an acclaimed local surf spot. It’s located north of the Venice Pier and the spot is sheltered by an artificial barrier, the breakwater, consisting of an extending sand bar, piping, and large rocks at the end. Venice is known as a hangout for the creative and the artistic. The legendary rock band The Doors was formed in Venice as well as Jane’s Addiction. Venice is much more than a beach that if you ask the locals what it’s most famous for you will get anything from the drum circles every Sunday to the famous artists that once lived there. Venice Beach has a sense of freedom and acceptance that sucks you in. Oh and don’t forget to check out Wurstkuche in Venice for some rattlesnake hotdogs and good beer!


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  1. Dominguez says:

    First off, I enjoyed the aesthetic view of these pictures, they truly capture the essence of Venice Beach. I also can’t imagine what it is like growing up in Venice, right by the beach. I think that when people think of California the automatic image that they think of is Santa Monica/ Venice and the boardwalk.

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