Ventura Harbor

California is typically knowing for its golden beaches and those with tanned bodies. I went to the beach to see a different side of California’s beaches. I went on an adventure to see the beach’s animals and what they were doing at that time of day. A day of exploration at Ventura’s beach harbor provided me with some amazing views of the wildlife that inhabit that area. I saw many sea birds, crabs, and sea anemones during the time of my visit at low tide. All of these animals have made the beach their home. Some sea birds, such as the gull, were lazing about or walking in the sand. Other sea birds were pecking at the wet sand near the waves. They were probably looking for a source of food, such as a sand mole. Certain birds have different types of beaks that help aid them in searching through the sand for their next meal. The crabs were protected by the rocks, as shown in this picture. These crabs would walk away and hide quickly when I approached, so I appreciate this crab for letting me take a picture of them before scurrying off. They probably have adapted to running away from predators like birds or being washed away by a strong wave. Other animals, such as the sea anemone, were protecting themselves from the sun during the low tide time of my visit to this beach. I assume the anemones where covered in rocks and sand to help them not dry up while exposed to the elements of the sun and air. This surprised me because I did not know that sea anemones could survive out of the water. The ways that theses animals have adapted to living at the beach is incredible to see and interesting. I wonder how these animals will be affected by the ever changing environment they live in and how they will interact and adjust to the rising sea levels. It’s interesting to see how each of these animals have adapted to survive at this beach location and I look forward to viewing other animals at other beaches as I continue my beach explorations.

6 thoughts on “Ventura Harbor

  1. erin.estrada770 says:

    Hi Kayleen,

    Great lens used! On my next visit to the beach I would like to focus on the wild/marine life. Sometimes as humans, we forgot that we were sharing the beaches with other creatures and it is their home.

  2. bryan.whitten655 says:

    Kayleen, this would be me and my dad’s spot to go fishing since I was a kid. I used to crawl out and catch different creatures for bait. If we didn’t catch anything we would take the bait back to Ventura Harbor and fish off the docks. One time, we used a little crab for bait and caught a sand shark. As soon as the shark was flipping back and forth on the surface of the water a pelican came in and tried to swoop the shark right off the lure. The crab photo brought me back so many years thank you for the memories! Cheers.

    • kayleen.velasquez960 says:

      Hi Bryan,
      I’m not a fan of fishing but I’m glad this photo gave you a flash back into your childhood. I can’t believe that story. A circle of life happened right in front of you.

  3. andres.aguilar616 says:

    Great perspective Kaylene ! I’ve always enjoyed observing and catching crabs at the beach. I also didn’t know that sea anemones could live out of water.

    • kayleen.velasquez960 says:

      Hi Andres,
      The crabs run too fast for me to be able to catch. I don’t believe the anemones could live out of water for long but the species I saw have certainly adapted to survive long enough until the tide returned.

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