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My first beach blog will be on about my visit to the Ventura Harbor Beach. I personally had never been to this particular beach before the Beach Clean Up. On the day I believe I was looking through an environmental lens because I was out there to clean up the beach. I actually arrived very late to the Beach Clean Up because I had just gotten a cold so I missed out some of the larger pieces of trash But because of this I really had to look closer into the environment. I Mostly stayed on the beach looking for anything hoping I would come back with something that the trip wasn’t just about me walking on the beach aimlessly for an hour. On my search for trash, I noticed how the beach plants and the sand dunes. How the waves crashing onto the rocky shores. To the left of it a small cliff with a sandy beach with many waves crashing onto the shore. To the Right a calm sandy beach with families enjoying the view. It wasn’t until looking did I notice the trash. Many pieces of black foam, paper, styrofoam, and plastic. All the trash that I gathered was mostly small bits and pieces no bigger into the pinky fingernail. All the pieces that I gathered were all trapped around ground squirrel holes, tangled in the roots of the beach plants, and tangled in squirrel fur around the beach plants. It was also apparent that some inconsiderate people were taking advantage of the Beach Cleanup as I saw some people litter all over the place.

It was these moments that really opened my eyes to the environmental lens because of how litterbugs were throwing their trash wherever. This would later end up being eaten by seabirds or taken into the ocean where sea creatures will either eat the pieces or continue to stay afloat in the ocean. Eventually, it’ll end up back on the beach where more beach animals will get at the pieces. Seeing where all these pieces of garbage really make you aware where the trash goes when thrown away improperly. Overall Even though it doesn’t look like it in the picture I had fun             

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  1. Geraldo,
    I enjoyed your comparison of the two different sides of the beach. Whereas one side we have the idea of the beach getaway with our family it is always important to remember that the beach is home to many ecosystems that develop over time.

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