Ventura Harbor Village Coastal Clean Up

The Ventura Harbor Village is an area that has been heavily manipulated by humans. The beach itself is groomed, has multiple jetties out in the water to help with erosion. Going more inland/next to the harbor, there is a plaza with multiple restaurants and gift shops. The “village” offers tourists and locals shelter from the sun and a place to relax other than the beach itself. From a environmental standpoint this beach is extensively impacted by the amount of human traffic to the area. With all the boats, foot traffic, and a road so close to a beach; there are bound to be environmental consequences. For example, boats are not perfectly eco-friendly machines, they can leak pollutants like oils into the harbor. Also, a busy beach is almost always going to have trash scattered around it. Although, on a positive environmental note, the community organized a coastal clean up which had a huge turn out. There were so many people there by the time I came, that it was a struggle to find trash on the beach. This is a good start to cleaning our beaches and changing attitudes towards how we treat natural resources and common areas. The beach although does not benefit from the foot traffic on the sand, but the marine life in the Ventura Harbor benefits from the clean up. The Ventura Harbor Village with all of its impacts to the environment does a great job bringing people out to the beach, with easy access and something for everyone.

5 thoughts on “Ventura Harbor Village Coastal Clean Up

  1. bianca.decuir247 says:

    Thank you for your public service! It makes me so extremely happy that you found minimal trash as everyone did their part, if only everyday can be coastal clean up day!

    • bianca.decuir247 says:

      I’ve been thinking about your post and I’m curious if you think coastal cleanups make a significant impact? I feel like it makes a significant change short term but I’m interested in the long term impacts or if us performing coastal cleanups is more of a cultural human change that eventually results in long term impact. I’m curious to hear your perspective, thanks!

      • todd.encarnacion759 says:

        Thanks, it was nice to see that the beach was so clean. As far as the impact of coastal cleanups, I think that they have a positive impact on the beaches even if the people are only cleaning up a small area. Organizations like 4Ocean have had incredible results in how much trash they have removed from the ocean. On top of that, these clean ups bring awareness to beach goers and educate the public on the trash problem at beaches.

  2. colton.morgan161 says:

    I like how you brought up the adverse effects of beach goers and the examples you use. As a counter argument, its important to note that even beaches that do not have high density beach goers may also have copious amounts of trash. Unfortunately picking up trash is not a solution but it is a necessary step to restore these pristine environments.

    • todd.encarnacion759 says:

      I agree with that, just like how we learned in class that trash flows with ocean currents and builds up on certain shores. So maybe there is more trash coming from the Ventura harbor that we don’t see, which is a pretty sad thought.

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