Ventura Harbor

This past weekend I found myself walking through Ventura Harbor. This harbor is a great place to explore and has many places to walk. It is very relaxing and has much to see including sealions and many other animals. The there is a different atmosphere in harbors compared to beaches because of what they are used for. Since harbors are ment to house boats and are generally changed much more drastically, they create a different feeling. Ventura Harbor creates a culture much different than beaches and even harbors in the area.

Since much of this harbor (in the part I was walking) is just houses and not businesses of any kind it feels very friendly. There are many families out walking with their children and dogs. A small man made beach was located near the house where I was staying with children playing, a small park, tennis courts, and a place for people to gather and grill some food. Although marina park is nearby especially in the pictures above, it is still a decent walk to get over there and we did not venture that way. The picture on the left shows the Jetty that is at Marina Park Beach and how it shapes the beach. This walk was a great way to see the harbor while getting to know people who live in the area!

I used the pictures taken above because of the peacfullness they brought. Both pictures show how calm it can be there. I found that this peacful state showed how the culture is in this area. When at the small beach in the harbor with people grilling and swimming no one seemed to be stressed about anything that was happening outside of this area. It was calm even when large boats drove by making waves and noise. I felt that even though I do not go there often, I was included in what was happening.

Being someone not from the neighborhood  I was not sure if I would feel included in the activities. That was soon forgotten in this inviting peacful group of people. They welcomed me with open arms and cold drinks! I feel Ventura Harbor has a very inviting and laid back culture. When you go visit this area you truely get the california culture all around.

2 thoughts on “Ventura Harbor

  1. Rahimzadeh says:

    The Ventura Harbor is such a great spot in Ventura. Like you mentioned, it is very family friendly and everyone seems so sweet. My cousin lives in this area so I have spent a lot of time over here, we would kayak and paddle board from “The Keys” to the actual harbor where the shops and restaurants are located. I’m glad you enjoyed this spot!

  2. Townsend says:

    That harbor is a very relaxed place to hangout at, it is very welcoming as will, I went over there one time for their farmers market and had a blast. It was very peaceful.

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