Ventura Pier Beach

For Ventura Beach, I will be focusing on the community-oriented lenses of the beach. This beach holds a significant place for the city of Ventura. It is a frequent destination for locals and visitors who wish to visit the pier and enjoy some Beach House fish tacos or if they would just like to take in the scenery of the beach. The location of the beach makes a destination to build a sense of community with others. There are a number of community events that take place along the shores of Ventura Beach such as 5k runs or different festivals and Sunday marketplaces. The community that surrounds the shores or Ventura Beach are also fundamental such as the Ventura County Fairgrounds. The proximity of the fairgrounds to the beach is able to bring community members and as well give them a glimpse of all the diversity that surrounds the area itself. Surfer’s point is also another destination along the beach that centered around community. This is a place where beach-goers can take in the beauty of waves and as well ride them. Ventura beach is also a place where there have been efforts made to not only ensure community access to the beach but as well take care of the different biological communities that inhabit the beach. With the shoreline retreat project that has recently taken place, the community and the city of Ventura made it a point to protect our costs and to also ensure that future generations will still have the same accessibility. This shoreline retreat also ensures that the biological and environmental communities that inhabit the beach are still able to thrive with the rise of sea level. It is important that Ventura Beach retains its significance as a symbol for the city of Ventura. Community is built here at this beach and without its community-orientated aura the beach itself would not bring the energy as it does today. This is an iconic destination in Ventura and it is a beach that is able to give to the city, whether through the events that happen or just as a symbol of significance.