Santa Barbara East Beach and the Importance of Tourism

A beautiful vacation destination with many recreational activities to enjoy including swimming, fishing, strolling, dining, and competitive games of beach volleyball. Santa Barbara East Beach, one of the many beaches available to Santa Barbara locals and visitors alike, is a well known and recognized beach that attracts tourism year round due to its beautiful weather, Read More


Goleta Beach and the Issue of Coastal Armoring

In order to touch on coastal erosion, inland migration of the shoreline, coastal armoring, and managed retreat I decided to choose Goleta Beach in Santa Barbara County to discuss these significant problems. I also chose Goleta Beach because I grew up in Goleta and I have been visiting that beach on and off for a Read More


Ellwood Beach

A particular beach that I love to visit and that has sentimental value to me is the Ellwood Beach located in Goleta, CA. Unlike the well known Goleta Beach which is visited by locals, tourists, and UCSB students alike for its popular fishing pier, upper scale seafood restaurant, children’s park, and bike trails. Ellwood Beach Read More