Leo Carrillo State park/beach

Leo Carrillo state beach is home to a fairly secluded, beautiful and distinct beach. I say fairly secluded because due to its topography the beach is filled with various coastal land types containing coves, caves, rock arches, coastal bluffs, sea cliffs as well as sandy stretches. Therefore certain parts of the beach are more favorable for surfers and sunbathers than others, leaving other sections much more secluded, besides some sections requiring a hike or swim to access. The north section is surrounded by rocky outcroppings with relatively high tidal energy waves crashing on the rocks. The south section is more calm with stretches of sandy beach and smoother waves. Some endangered species use Leo Carrillo as a safe haven, such as steel head trout. The sea caves of this beach are not accessible during the entire day due to the high tide. However during low tide, you are able to walk into the caves as well as see marine organisms living within the rocky tide pools such as crabs, anemones, sea stars and more. Meanwhile, Birds use the rocky coastal bluffs terrain as a rest spot.
Thanks to its unique characteristics, there are plenty of areas for animals to inhabit as well as for us humans to use as an escape. Leo Carrillo is a special beach here in southern California because when you hike to certain sections, you can feel as if you truly are away from everything. The beach is closely connected to the mountains and provides a unique experience for those who camp in the park, which is how I came to know this beach. The first time I went to Leo Carrillo beach was when me and a group of about 25 students went on what added up to about a 3 and a half hour, 30 mile bike ride from Santa Monica to camp in the Leo Carrillo State Park. It was the first time I had ever been camping or rode a bike so far. This provided an eye opening experience for me, the beauty of the beach strengthened my appreciation of mother nature and helped push me to major in Environmental Science and Resource management. 

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  1. austin.williams844 says:

    Hello Joel, I’m glad you had a great first experience camping! I always find that it helps you disconnect from the city life and focus on nature. Especially the beach! It really comes to life at night. Hands down the best part is waking up to the salty air and the crashing of the waves. I bet you were completely exhausted after that long bike ride! This makes me want to go camping now!

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