Silver Strand – Port Hueneme

This is beach is called Silver Strand, located in Port Hueneme. This beach known to be one of the top spots to surf in Ventura County when a good-sized swell arrives, especially in the wintertime. This beach offers a great variety of different waves, from beginners’ level to advanced level. When the wave height reaches 5-7ft, over head or double over head, the lineup is filled with hungry skilled surfers chasing and paddling after perfect amazing waves that barrel in the right conditions. This can also be one of the most territorial places to be when the surf is good and crowded with locals. On big days when it is shore break after shore break and it is really difficult to paddle out, the best way to get to the lineup without having to struggle so much is paddling out right next to the rocks. Even though this might sound pretty sketchy, it is the most effective and easy way to paddle out on big days. To start, there is a jetty made of big rocks and this is your starting point to begin to paddle out. You walk right beside the jetty, walk until the water is at waist height, hop on your board, and begin paddling. The reason why this method is so effective and is the easiest and quickest way to get to the surf is because the water bounces off the rocks and naturally pushes you out to the lineup without having to do most of the work yourself. Next, the great thing about Silver Strand is that it is just a sand bottom, or a sand bed throughout the beach. If you happen to fall on a wave, there a no rocks near the shore that you might hit, and it is not so shallow such as places like Zuma. On the other hand, a common danger that is crucial to look out for is riptides. On days where wave heights are overhead and bigger, it is easy to get pushed out far beyond the surf and past the jetty, which makes it difficult to paddle your way back in. This can be extremely exhausting to the point where your arms are dead, and you have no energy to paddle if you do get caught in a riptide here. Another great aspect of this beach is that it does not get over-crowded with people on the beach, so there is more than enough free space to go around. Overall, this is a great spot in general to visit a nice clean beach with a good environment and good surf. 

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  1. jacob.coyle387 says:

    Hi Alberto, nice blog post! I enjoyed reading it, I visited Silver Strand beach for my first blog post and I think it is an absolutely beautiful beach to visit!

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