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Santa Barbara beach

For my final beach visit I felt it was appropriate to go with the beach that I have spent the most time at. I went to Santa Barbara City college and due to the insane amount of students the only place I could find a parking spot at was at the beach. Since I was always parked at the beach I ended up spending a lot of time there from early in the morning to late at night. I would sit in between classes on the beach to do homework or to relax. The weather in Santa Barbara was always really nice so being at the beach was the favorite part of my day. The beach itself is pretty small and has a little restaurant that is actually on the sand which is cool. When I first began going to go to school the beach was pretty wide and the ocean was a good distance away from the parking lot. It was also purely sand there were not many rocks or seaweed on the sand and many people would take walks along the beach. As the years went on the ocean began to rise and it slowly started to get closer and closer to the parking lot. Sometimes I would get to school and the parking lot would be wet and there would be seaweed all over it as well. The beach itself went from being nice and sandy to being covered in seaweed and sticks. The beach also got covered in flies and it got a weird smell to it. It went from a nice place to lay and relax at to a beach that you can’t really walk on anymore. It was not ever a super pretty beach to go to or anything but it was a nice place to have especially in the middle of midterms and finals.

Big Sur

I recently went on a day trip driving up the 1 to Big sur and it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Our first stop when we arrived was Mcway Falls at Julia Burns State Park which is a waterfall that falls straight onto the sand. According to the ranger  it is one of the two waterfalls that fall directly into the ocean here in California. The waterfall is actually closed off to the public which I think adds to the beauty of it since people can’t ruin it. Another cool thing about the waterfall is that it is surrounded by pine trees which you do not usually see around beaches. The pine trees line up by the beaches up the entire coast and it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Another place we stopped at was Pfeiffer State Beach which we found by accident after taking a wrong turn and not being able to turn around since it’s a narrow road the entire way to the beach. The first thing I noticed when we arrived at the beach was these giant rocks in the ocean. The biggest one was really cool because it has a hole through the middle where waves crash through.(Picture included because I can not describe how cool it is) This second thing I noticed was the purple sand which you could see after some digging. When we went it was close to sunset so the sand looked like a mix of lavender and pink which was so beautiful to see. I learned that the purple color actually comes from the surrounding rocks that have manganese garnet deposits. The last beach we stopped at was point lobos national reserve. This beach is really cool because one side of it is like a forest where you can hike through and the other side is rocky cliffs and ocean. There is also a lot of wildlife here such as sea otters and sea lions hanging out on the beach. Overall it was a really amazing trip and I would highly recommend that everyone should take the time to visit Big Sur because it is such an incredible place and we are so close to it.

El Matador Beach

One of my favorite beaches is El Matador beach here in California. It is such a unique and beautiful  beach that I think everyone should take the time visit one day. The beach is in Malibu and can be accessed off the pacific coast highway. It is pretty hidden so you really have to pay attention when trying to find it. There is a small parking lot that is almost always full which can be frustrating but it is worth it since it keeps the amount of people on the beach limited. The beach itself is located off a cliff. There is a long stairway which is nice going down but painful coming back up. This place is very popular for photography, almost every time I have gone I have seen people modeling, taking engagement photos or just instagram worthy pictures. I would never recommend going during golden hour unless you show up hours in advance to get a parking spot. What makes this beach so beautiful and special are the rock formations and caves. They look especially magical during the sunset because of how the sunlight shines through the caves and openings of the rock formations. My favorite part is being able to go into the caves but recently it has become more difficult to enjoy with the amount of people trying to take photos in them. Although it can get crowded by the caves you can still wander off and lay in the sand to relax. One of the downsides is this is not a beach you can really enjoy swimming in because there are many large rocks spread throughout the water. The plus side is there is not that much seaweed so you wont get tangled in that when you are in the water. Something that has always surprised me is how clean the beach stays. It is surprising since there are people coming in and out of the beach almost all day everyday. There aren’t any trash cans on the beach either so it seems like everyone is trying their best to keep it clean and aesthetically pleasing.

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