Mandalay Beach and Cool Views

Considering I live a few minutes from Port Hueneme beach, one would assume that I visit pretty often, but I hardly ever do. I am not entirely sure why it does not attract me as much as other beaches, especially to go into the waters so I prefer going to Mandalay Beach. The main difference that I notice from PH and Mandalay is that the water is slightly warmer on Mandalay, but many people disagree so I assume it is just me who feels the temperature change. Not only is the temperature different but it is a very calm beach, with very little people visiting since there is not a road directly along the beach like others in Ventura County.  It was really warm the day I visited this beach and the main reason for my visit was to spend extra time I had on the weekend. Before I left, I captured this image because although I have seen this before, it is rare for me to catch. The clouds came over and make it a cooler since they were covering the sun, but it failed in letting some rays peek through the cloud. The amount of sun rays that were shining through varied within seconds and was so fascinating to watch. I am more than sure that those who read this blog do not see this as a big deal but I was generally amused because I do not see this often. It felt good to have a break from the sun for a few minutes since it was scorching hot, but as soon as the cloud left it was back to applying more sunscreen. As I view this image, I noticed that the Channel Islands are much clearer than on other days. I did not appreciate this sight of the islands while I was there but because it is not common to see them clearly, I wish I would have. I believe it was caused by the waves, but there was hardly sand near the shoreline causing my feet to be exposed to the tiny painful rocks. I hardly experience this at other beaches so I thought it was interesting that the sand was being deprived, causing the rocks to be exposed. Leisure time spent at the beach is always rewarding.

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  1. Juliet Badillo says:

    That is interesting. Why do you think the wave could have affected it? I wonder if the rocks were tiny based on the time of year or the pattern of the waves.

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