Oxnard Beach Park Clean-up!

Beach clean-up

I went to the Oxnard Beach Park to help clean up our local beaches in Ventura County; however, I brought my daughter with me to show her how beautiful our beaches are and it is important to keep them clean. Even though she is only two years old, I want her to start young on keeping our environment clean. I was enjoying watching her play in the sand and enjoying herself. We are so lucky to be able to live so close to the beach, not a lot of people are as lucky as we are.

The beach is a very special place for me because it was one of my grandma’s favorite places to go and get away from everything. Now when I go to any beach I feel like she’s always with me. I definitely felt her presence when my daughter and I were cleaning the beach today. I did notice while cleaning this beach, it was actually a very well kept up beach, not a lot of trash was found on this beach. The only items I was consistently finding on the beach were cigarette buds and just small pieces of plastic. I did not find one plastic bottle on the beach. I’m surprised but also not surprised because nowadays everyone is into the hydroflask reusable water bottles. However, not everyone is on that train wagon and is still purchasing cases of plastic water bottles from the stores.

While doing the beach clean up, it was nice seeing a lot of the community come together to keep our beaches clean. I noticed a majority of the citizens were kids and I think it is great teaching our kids to take care of the planet. I am glad there are organizations that bring the community together to try and save our planet. This is a small but powerful step that will improve our planet and it keeps our beautiful beaches, beautiful.

Beach Clean-Up!

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  1. arec.colon-aldeguer723 says:

    Thank you for your contributing your personal time to help keep our beaches clean for our future generations. I am not a parent, but I too find teaching our children at a young age the importance of keeping our beaches clean is important. I’m glad you and your daughter enjoyed yourselves. Thanks for sharing.

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