This week, I visited Point Dume Beach in Malibu. To access this beach, there is a parking area at the top of the hill with a few spaces. From the top of this hill there is a wonderful view of Point Dume beach and Pirate’s Cove. If these spaces are filled, which they usually are, there is a larger parking lot down the hill but you have to pay to park there. During the week it is cheaper to park there than on the weekends. In the past when I have visited Point Dume, I have seen a lot of TV shows being filmed there on the sand. I have also seen people rock climbing up the large mountain. During the summer, this beach gets very busy and it is almost impossible to find a spot to park that is free or even one where you pay. Luckily, I visited this week so it was not nearly as busy. For this trip, I viewed the beach through a business oriented point of view because of how many times I have seen movies and tv shows being filmed at this beach. When businesses use a public beach to film movies they can make a large profit off the money they make from releasing these movies. There is also a seafood restaurant near Point Dume and Westward Beach that you can walk to from the sand. This business gets very busy and attracts people to the beach. The expansion of restaurants and other businesses near the beach will further populate the beaches because people will want to come eat at the restaurants as well. Parking lots that charge for parking also make large profits. PCH can get so busy that no matter how high prices get people will still pay. My friend owns a small business family owned furniture store on PCH that the city keeps trying to get them to get rid of because they want to build another parking lot for the beach to make more and more money. I think there are a lot of businesses that benefit the beach however some of them may change the feel of the beaches. I took the attached photo of my friend overlooking Pirate’s Cove. 🙂