Swami’s Beach, Encinitas

After moving from Seattle to Encinitas, CA there was a lot to adjust to; the warm weather, the acclaimed palm trees stretching along the coast, and even the people. Swamis is a very well known surf spot in Encinitas, it has a park nestled at the top of the bluffs overlooking the ocean and, at low tide, an exposed reef. During low tide, my friends and I would walk north of the beach to a place they call Dabbers, which can be found in between Pipes and Swami’s. Dabbers has a nice break that is known for some great waves and can be less crowded than Pipes or Swami’s because there is less access.

When I lived in Washington, my dad and I would occasionally surf and I remember not having to worry about the crowds of people in the water. Southern California has great surf and warmer water, therefore water activities are much more popular.

When visiting Swami’s you’ll notice that the people hanging around the park are particularly different from the people at other beaches in Southern CA. I like to think of them as beach bums who enjoy life by not having a care in the world, except learning new tricks on their slack-lines. There are also many high class surfer locals at Swami’s due to Swami’s nearly endless wave that is sought by many around the world. In the wintertime, you can look out from the top of the cliff on a brisk winter day and see hundreds of black dots, surfers, in the lineup. Swami’s has one of the best waves in San Diego, but I tend to stray away from it due to the huge crowds that follow.

There is a culture at Swamis that is heavily influenced by Hindu traditions. Up the cliff from the beach is the meditation and self-realization gardens which were resurrected in the 1920’s. These gardens provide a space for yogis and the general public to experience the tranquility of the gardens and embrace the Hindu Culture. These garden also have traditional Hindu structures encompassing them. In my experience, the garden is a very peaceful place with beautiful plants and floral arrangements. I also enjoy sitting on the bench near the coy pond and examining the ancient fish.

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  1. Rice says:

    I loved hearing the difference in the environments from the places you’ve lived and moved to! I also like your reference to beach bums. That term definitely has different meanings in different areas. Seeing beaches from this perspective, a spiritual one, is new for me. I feel like my perspective will change when I go to beaches now.

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