Sycamore Canyon

          Sycamore Canyon beach is one of my favorite spots along the PCH. It’s kind of tucked away in a bend, but it’s usually where I end up while out for a drive. It’s such a beautiful place to sit and relax. The beach isn’t too long with big cliff-like rocks on one side, and an open tunnel leading under the PCH to a nearby campground on the other. The first time I really visited this beach was because of a sports team I was on. Every summer we would have a Hell Week before school started and the last day we would walk or run an 8-mile hike that eventually led us through the campground and out the tunnel to Sycamore Canyon beach, where we would have a barbeque waiting for us.

Sycamore isn’t too busy, but it does attract people with its picnic benches and fire pits. It’s a great place for roasting s’mores and hot dogs. This beach also gets a lot of attention in regard to filming movies or commercials. Many times, I drive down there and end up seeing trailers and cameras. It’s always interesting to see how they can turn the beach into so many different kinds of settings just by switching camera angles or adding different props.

Sycamore canyon beach is also a really beautiful place to watch the sun set, but once the stars come out it’s magical. I like to pick a table to lay on top of and watch the sky. I could lay there for hours because there’s no light pollution to take away from the beauty of the stars. I can just see so much more than what I’m used to. I went to CSUN for a couple years before coming back home, and whenever I would come to visit for a weekend, I would make sure to get out to Sycamore at night because in Northridge there was so much light from the city that I was lucky to see more than three stars each night. It really made me thankful and appreciative of where my home is.

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