The Essence of Oxnard Shores

Growing up and being from Oxnard has made me the person I am today. The pride I take from being from this city has driven me to do my part in making sure my community is taken care of whether that is through social activism or participating in volunteer events. The one part of the city that I take the most pride in are our beaches, primarily Oxnard Shores. Growing up Oxnard Shores was the beach my family and I would frequently visit. Unfortunately, this is one of the Oxnard beaches that is usually talked down upon, whether that is for the way it looks or for the demographic who goes to that beach. Oxnard Shores for me is much more than a just a beach to me, it’s the place I visit when I need a moment to reflect and regather my thoughts whenever I feel overwhelmed. It also helps me reflect on all the privileges that I have been able to experience even the little things like just having access to the beach. A lot of times this is taken for granted by others, but recognizing the small privileges allows me to humble myself and make sure that everything I do is for the benefit of those around me. The essence of Oxnard Shores is calming, it brings about a type of serenity that I can get nowhere else. Sunrise, sunset, midday, or during the night this beach has been a spiritual place for. Although I appreciate every time of day at the beach, the sunsets at Oxnard Shores are just different. The sunsets at Oxnard Shores remind me of childhood, they help me reflect on my present, and help me process my future. At this beach, I like to think of everything that makes that beach what it is. I think about the power plant that is just down the shore and then I look at million dollars houses on the other side. Every component of this beach makes it more than what it is perceived to be. The natural features that I also like to bask-in are the sand dunes and birds such as the snowy plovers. I like to take time and reflect on all the aspects of what makes the natural features of the beach.

Oxnard Shores

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  1. breanna.garcia993 says:


    I agree with you fully! Oxnard is home for me too. And the beach is a huge part of why I love Oxnard so much. I try to take advantage of it year round, but similarly to you, I also see the Oxnard shores as a place to deeply think and concentrate on what’s most important. Great blog post and interesting read:) We need more people like us that appreciate the closeness, and beneficial beaches we have so near to us, so near to home.

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